Yatsuha Imano

Age: 20s Profession: Detective Weapon: Hidden dagger Ostensibly a young courtesan employed in a brothel Yatsuha is actually Otawas partner working to stop the brothels counterfeiting operation. When shes discovered shortly after meeting Mugen she tries to escape but an oblivious Mugen insists on getting the services he paid for and kills her wouldbe assassins. Despite several attempts at either convincing Mugen to leave or knocking him out first with a hit to the head and the second in the groin both precipitated by the claim Look A naked woman she is unable to rid herself of him. As such she uses the promise of sex to manipulate into fighting for her. They invade the brothels basement and slaughter several people. Yatsuha then murders Ginsa leader of the counterfeiting operation because of his history with her father and knocks Mugen unconscious so she doesnt have to fulfil her promise. The next morning she confesses to Otawa that she is in love with Mugen and intends to marry him. Otawa has reservations about her taste in men.