Miyuki Shirogane

白銀御行, Kaichou (会長), Prez, Myuu
Birthday:Sep 9, 2002
Blood Type:O
Height: 175 cm He is a second year student at Shuchiin Academy and the president of the student council. Miyuki is a handsome young man with blond hair and blue eyes. Due to his constant sleep deprivation and nearsightedness his eyes appear to glare. He usually wears the regular Shuchiin Academy black male uniform adorned with the Aiguilette the golden chainlike accessory around his neck. The Aiguilette symbolizes his authority as student council president. Shirogane is a diligent student who despite his underprivileged background climbed his way to the top of his class through hard work and determination. Shirogane holds himself in high regard consistently working to maintain his perfect image. He is textbook workaholic enjoying his parttime job and often putting his own health at risk for the sake of his work. Due to his poor background Shirogane values money greatly and goes to great lengths to not be wasteful and generally dislikes expensive gifts. Even though he is obviously in love with Kaguya Shinomiya her wealth and talents greatly intimidates him leaving him utterly terrified at the idea of confessing to her. He fears that all of his actions will lead Kaguya to look down him causing him to overthink in many situations. Shirogane has never had a girlfriend and thus is actually quite clueless when it comes to romance though his dignified demeanor leaves most of the students to think otherwise. Although he excels at studying Shirogane has proven to be painfully talentless in a variety of other activities such as sports singing dancing and more. Despite this Shirogane is unwaveringly kind and virtuous never putting any of his goals above the wellbeing of others. He is extremely supportive and generous willing to help any students with their problems and will put aside his quest to get Kaguya to confess if it even has a chance of hurting someone else.