アスナ, Flannery, Flavia, Candela, Adriane, Fiammetta
Asuna is the Gym Leader of Huen Towns hot springs Gym known officially as the Huen Gym. She specializes in Firetype Pokmon and gives out the Heat Badge to Trainers who defeat her. Asuna is enthusiastic about her new role as Gym Leader but she was still getting used to the responsibilities and was overwhelmed. While Asuna already has the hallmarks of a Gym Leader including her confidence and dedication her grandfather Mura returned to the Gym to help support her training. She attempts to keep herself calm in the heat of battle but her stressed temperament is still a weakness. Asunas battle strategy is still experimental but she showed off impressive defensive strategies that helped her Pokmon inflict a lot of damage on Satoshis. Asuna also uses Sandstorm and Smog to distract her opponents Pokmon before hitting them with a Firetype attack. She resorts to using status conditions in order to overcome strong opponents who have the type advantage like Satoshis Heigani. Source: Bulbapedia