ハヤト, Falkner, Falk, Pegaso, Albert, Valerio
Hayato is the Gym Leader of Kikyou Citys Gym known officially as the Kikyou Gym. He hands out the Zephyr Badge to Trainers who defeat him. He specializes in Flyingtype Pokmon. Hayato has a selfrighteous attitude when it comes to Pokmon training which angered Satoshi. Hayato also expressed an intense dislike for the assumption many Trainers make that Flyingtype Pokmon will always lose to Electrictypes but proved to be slightly hypocritical as he criticized Satoshis poor choice of using Chicorita a Grasstype that is weak to Flyingtypes in their match. He is intense in battle and rigorously commands his Pokmons every move including their flight paths. He uses his Flying Pokmons abilities to whip up strong winds and their wings or in Dodorios case its long legs to evade attacks and swoop down to attack. While he pushes his Pokmon to perform their best Hayato also thanks them for their efforts. Source: Bulbapedia