Birthday:Jul 25
Mitsuki was created as a synthetic human by Orochimaru being cultivated from the same embryo as at least one older Mitsuki. Just like his brother Mitsuki was named after Tsuki Literally meaning: Vessel and the sixth sign of the Chinese zodiac calendar Mi Literally meaning: Snake. Orochimaru as Mitsukis parent wanted Mitsuki to find his independence having concocted a complex plot for Mitsuki to do so. On Orochimarus sixth attempt of the plan each time erasing Mitsukis memories of the previous Mitsuki mastered Sage Transformation and decided to rebel against his parent and older brother. He left their company and set out to forge his own destiny himself now going by the name Mitsuki Mitsuki by replacing the second character with Tsuki Literally meaning: Moon. Upon discovering the existence of Boruto Uzumaki via a gift from Orochimaru Mitsuki decided to go to Konoha and befriend him in order to find his own path in life. Mitsuki has a very calm and matteroffact demeanor. He is generally seen very cheerful if not indifferent the situation at hand. While not confrontational he freely speaks his mind in any situation and does things at his own pace. He is also shown to have a sharp wit being wellread and observant showing advanced knowledge in mathematics. Hes quite close with Boruto caring about his opinion above that of most others. Seemingly stemming from his harsh upbringing with Orochimaru Mitsuki is very vicious in battle showing no restraint and willing to kill his foes without hesitation. He is also very driven and committed when given a task as when he was ordered to kill someone he would not waiver regardless of who it is. During his time at the Academy it doesnt seem as though he had much of a friendship with Sarada Uchiha until they were assigned to Team Konohamaru. Despite not revealing much about his origins or parents to them Mitsuki cares about his teammates Boruto and Sarada to the point where he never hesitates to rush to their side when they are in danger or in need of assistance. Mitsuki has a high opinion of Boruto as the son of the Seventh Hokage and the grandson of the Fourth Hokage and Mitsuki believes Boruto is destined to become Hokage himself one day despite hearing Saradas repeated declarations that she will be Hokage. Mitsuki seems to admire Naruto and Sasuke Uchiha due to them both being highranked shinobi and tells Boruto and Sarada how his parent told him their fathers are rivals who can fight equally. Mitsuki also holds a great deal of admiration for his father as well as confidence in his abilities to the point of being naive as shown when he boasted to Boruto and Sarada that Orochimaru was even more powerful than both of their fathers. Source: Boruto Wiki