Satori Tamaba


A member of the Tenka Goken. Satori is said to be reminiscent of a creature of sorts attempting to imitate human-like behavior. Since she primarily lacks the ability to empathize, she tends to act in various extreme ways as a means to compare and explore herself and others. As a result, she can be incredibly unpredictable as said actions are often irrational.

Her real name is Misogi. The name “Satori” originally belonged to her twin sister currently known as “Misogi”. The original Satori, fueled by hatred and jealousy towards Misogi, attempted to push her sister off the top of a jungle gym, however, Misogi ended up being the one to throw her off. Since that day, Misogi started imitating Satori’s behavior, and eventually took on her entire identity to where even their mother started calling her “Satori”.

Satori is a user of the Keishi-ryū, a kendo style that consists of 10 different kata of several Ko-ryū and is the style used by the Japanese Police Force.