Kouji Satou

佐藤浩二, Mr. Stein
Mr. Stein known in Japan as Professor Kouji Satou Sat Kji is a Duel Academy professor only seen in the third season though flashbacks indicate he was there in the first year seeing as Chumley appears in one of them. A former Pro League duelist who came from a povertystricken family Mr. Stein fosters a grudge towards Jaden for ruining the interest of other students in his lectures due to the boy039s lazy approach to lessons. He once dueled The D but fell ill before being able to complete the match. This was because he was forced to study to become a teacher. He was so exhausted he could not continue. According to his flashback when Stein could no longer duel professionally quotScarKnightquot quottransformed into a bitter hardened version of himselfquot creating the separate Scab ScarKnight. He prevents Jaden from reaching quotProfessor Viperquot in the lab where the monkey Wheeler was trained but is defeated. Afterwards when he attempts to pick up his precious quotScarKnightquot card he seemingly falls to his death into the abyss. In the English version he is characterized as a parody of Ben Stein particularly Stein039s role in Ferris Bueller039s Day Off.