Shige Heike

Age: Over 500 appears to be in 20s 30s Profession: supposed Nobleman Weapon: Biwa Heike Shige is the leader of a band of zombielike workers who have been mining for the legendary gold of the Heike clan for 500 years. Some unearthly quality of the areas mushroom population preserved them long after their bodies expired. Shige and his men believed only five years had passed when in fact they had been mining for five hundred years. Shige believing himself a descendant of the Heike which Jin proves wrong at the end of the episode. thought to eventually use the gold to defeat their ancient enemies the Genji clan. He claimed apparently in truth that his biwa could summon the stars from heaven to strike his foes. When he encountered Mugen Jin and Fuu he offered them 10 of the treasure in exchange for their help at the quarry. This would have been a fortune if the gold were truly there. Shiges quixotic quest came to an end however when Fuu discovered the nature of his men. During the ensuing confrontation Jin discovered that Shige was not a true descendant of the Heike. This led to the zombie workers themselves turning on their wouldbe leader. Seeing his plans come to nothing Shige at last unveiled his ultimate weapon and indeed summoned a meteor upon the entire area. Mugen Jin and Fuu may have left by the time it arrived since they survive for the next episode. The ultimate fate of Shige and his men is not known presumably they were annihilated in the impact.