Mashiro Blan de Windbloom

風花 真白 / マシロ・ブラン・ド・ヴィントブルーム
In My Otome Mashiro Blan de Windbloom is the princess and later Queen of Windbloom. Her personality is completely opposite to her MyHiME incarnation. Rather than the polite selfless and reserved attitude of the former Mashiro Blan de Windbloom is boisterous selfish and arrogant. There are doubts on whether she is the true ruler doubts which prove correct when the true ruler of Windbloom is discovered by Sergay Waacuteng. Mikoto the cat is her pet. She has a lovehate relationship with Nagi leaning more towards the 039hate039 end of the spectrum. It was never made clear in MyHime what her true age was but in MyOtome it is explicitly said that she is 14yearsold and later turns 15. She first met Nina and Arika when she was evading her palace guards by attempting to jump to the next building039s roof. When she fell the two rushed to her aid. Believing the guards to be kidnappers they then helped her escape. Arika who was raised in the country was completely clueless as to Mashiro039s arrogant attitude toward her even when she showed them that she was the princess in which Nina apologized for their ignorance. As time passed Mashiro pushed the people around her harder and harder. She would repeatedly shirk her responsibilities as queen in order to visit Garderobe and laugh at Arika039s clumsy attempts at Otome training. When the date of her birthday drew near she increased the taxes to raise more money for the rebuilding of her castle and her own birthday celebration. As Sergay Waacuteng noted the city was suffering from increasing unemployment. Small glimpses of her past revealed that when Mashiro was young she was completely spoiled as a child being given virtually anything she wanted on demand. When she overheard some of the rumors that she was not the true princess Mashiro039s behavior worsened due to her highly increased feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. During an emergency she formed a contract with Arika to save their lives. Unfortunately for the two the search for ways to break the contract yielded no answers. While Mashiro and Arika were initially very opposed to their contract its lifebinding conditions actually created a break in the tension between them and they slowly began to