Akane Mizuno


Student of class 3-1 who belongs to the track and field club. She's an easy going character, but can be self-conscious and timid at times. When feeling nervous, she would squeeze her potato mascot plushie. Akane moved to Kawagoe, Saitama when she was a fifth grader in Primary school.

She secretly starts dating Kotarō, but later reveals this to Chinatsu and Takumi, who inform the class about that.

When she is forced to move to Chiba due to her father's work, she becomes anxious over her future relationship with Kotarō, but cheers him on as he tries to get into the same school as her. When Kotarō fails to get in, she again becomes anxious, but finds new hope when she reads his online story, which is a promise to love her forever. The final shot at the end of the anime shows them married with a kid years later.

(Source: Wikipedia)