A mysterious yokai who manipulates parts of the demon army from behind the scenes. He is able to create demons from captured faeries using his alchemy An alchemist in this world is one who quotcreates soulsquot not one who tries to create gold.. He can transform other species as well into demons using demon seeds which infect the body and change it into an alternate demonic form. He uses two quotbirdsquot which are sometimes referred to as his quotwingsquot to aid him in this process. Left Bird creates minds while Right Bird creates bodies. Left Bird was killed by Rath halting Kharls construction of intelligent demons but has a connection to the small demon named Zoma... Kharl also is the writer of the quotDemon Biblequot a quothowtoquot guide on creating demons out of your own force. He also has several clones floating around and a Demon Dog named Sinistora which he crafted to look suspiciously like the dead Snow Crewger and Ice Illuser. Very interested in anything unusual Kharl is fascinated with strange plants food demons and humans. Strangely enough Kharl has taken in a human boy named Garfakcy and prolonged his life keeping him as a maidcookgardenerspyassassinexperiment. He is also a slob and tends to forget things and make messes. His role is that of a mad scientist. Kharl also harbors a strong craving for Rath: he wants to steal him back from the Dragon Tribe but is finding himself strangely unable to do so and not because he lacks the power needed. It is revealed that Karl was a friend/adviser of the Demon King Rath Illuser. Source: Wikipedia