A nameless lilim demon who feeds off the life energy of human males by kissing them usually by entering their dreams. On one occasion she drains Miu in order to shut her up indicating that Lilim is capable of feeding on the lifeforce of women but she claims that it tastes disgusting. After finding that Takayas life energy is different than anyone elses being much stronger and better tasting she agrees with him to kiss only him. She was trapped inside a pendant until Takaya set her free. Once sealed in the pendant she loses all of her memories. Lilims cooking can only be called destructive. She soon reveals that the reason Takayas life energy nourishes her better than that of most men is because they have moles in similar places. This could be theorized to indicate a mystic similarity between the two of them. Eventually Lilim is resealed in her bottle by Yukihiko who intends to reclaim her after the sealing has wiped her memory. As it turns out the only person capable of once again unsealing Lilim is Takaya when unsealed Lilim reveals that even though she lost her memory she feels a strong desire to be with Takaya and no other. It is most likely that she returns his feelings that romantic attraction to Takaya has become an integral part of her subconscious as opposed to her erasable conscious. Wikipedia