Arika Yumemiya

アリカ・ユメミヤ, Arinko, Blue Sky Sapphire

Arika is the protagonist of the series My-Otome. She is first introduced in the first episode where she travels through the desert to Windbloom to find out more information about her mother, whom she was told was an Otome. After seeing the power of the 3rd Column, Shizuru, she decides to follow her mother and become an Otome. She is sometimes nicknamed Anty (Arinko-chan in Japanese) because her name, Arika, could be "蟻か" in Japanese, which means ant. The way her head turns into an ant's head is a way to show how she feels when someone calls her this nickname (which must have followed her all her life). She is cheerful and optimistic, but lacks the sophistication and "common sense" to deal with the royalty (due to her being a country bumpkin). She quickly gets acquainted with the other Corals and Pearls in Garderobe and becomes good friends with most of them, mainly Nina Wáng and Erstin Ho, her roommates.

She eventually acquires her mother's old Meister GEM, the Blue Sky Sapphire (蒼天の青玉 Sōten no Seigyoku) and creates a contract with the current Queen of Wind Bloom, Mashiro. At first she is unable to release it's full potential, but in episode 25 she finally obtains the final Robe of her GEM, the Ultimate Blue Sky Robe, that her mother once wore. In Mai-Otome Zwei, she still retains the incomplete form of her Robe when materializing, but can call upon her final Robe at any time through Materialization Zwei, a power unique to Arika. Her Element takes the form of a crystal spear and is called the Blue Sky Spear. Her main Element attack is called Bolt from the Blue, and the ultimate form of her Element is the Sword of Akatsuki.

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