Shouko Komi

古見硝子, Comi, Shoko, show.komi-1224, Goddess, Princess Komilia, Commu-Master, Komyu, Komi-cat, Shokotaso, Silent Killer, Shaa
Birthday:Dec 25
Initial Age:15
Blood Type:A
Height: 168 cm later 169 cm Position: Goddess Relatives: Shousuke Komi younger brother Shuuko Komi mother Masayoshi Komi father Yuiko Komi grandmother Akira Komi cousin Sadayoshi Komi uncle Shouko Komi is the main character of the series. Though shes regarded as the Madonna of their school shes incapable of socializing with others to such a level where it can be called a communication disorder. Shouko is described by her admirers as a girl with glossy dark purple/black hair that flows to her lower back a slender body and an incredibly beautiful face. She is usually seen wearing her school uniform. Shouko hardly talks with people. She is unable to utter a word nor sound in her daily life due to her crippling anxiety and fear of rejection by her peers. She often writes whenever she can on her notebook and to the blackboard in class to answer people. She dreams of overcoming her adversity and desires to build friendly relationships with others and make 100 friends. Shoukos first friend was Hitohito Tadano He was the first to discover her bad communication. He helps her make friends and cares for her wellbeing.