Shouko Komi

古見硝子, Comi, Shoko, show.komi-1224, Goddess, Princess Komilia, Commu-Master, Komyu, Komi-cat, Shokotaso, Silent Killer, Shaa
Age: 15 Birthday: December 25 Blood type: A Height: 168 cm later moves to 169cm Though Komi Shouko is regarded as the Madonna of their school she herself is incapable of socializing with others to such a level that it can be called a communication disorder. She is unable to utter a word nor sound in her daily life due to her crippling anxiety and fear of rejection by her peers. However she dreams of overcoming this adversity and desires to build friendly relationships with others and make 100 friends. The only person in her school that knows of her inability to communicate well is her fellow classmate Tadano Hitohito. Tadano has decided to help her overcome her anxiety and make her dream of 100 friends a reality. With Tadanos help she attempts to socialize with and befriend the other students of her class. Source: Komisan wa Comyushou desu Wiki