Nina Wáng

ニナ・ウォン, Ultimate Black Diamond
Nina Wng the top student in the Coral class and also one of Arikas roommates. She hails from Artai a poorer kingdom than Windbloom with no Otome of its own. She and Nao are intended to fill this void and serve their country after graduating. Her father is Sergay Wng Nagis righthand man who is also part of the military. Arika found out that Nina was very sensitive to being tickled which she enjoys exploiting. Nina is serious determined and hard working because she wants to win the love of her adoptive father Sergay. Nina holds mixed feelings towards Arika. She is jealous of Arikas connections with Sergay and often annoyed with her cluelessness but she shows friendship towards her on occasion. Ninas friend Erstin Ho was also her roommate who was in love with her. Source: Wikipedia