ロウレス, Hyde or Rotten Hedgehog
Birthday:Jun 24
Height: 176 cm Occupation: Unknown has a parttime job Lawless is the Servamp of Greed and has a contract with a famous pianist Licht Jekylland Todoroki. He is a strong Servamp who often quotes Shakespeare and has a habit of killing his Eves once he grows bored of them. Lawless is selfcentred and particularly emotional. After He has no faith in the world and would much rather bring his Eves to the ground to prove his own selfish belief. He is sensitive and stubborn and he typically acts impulsively to block any suspicion on his actions. For this reason he is regarded as being unconventional and otherwise very dangerous. Overall however Lawless is extremely energetic and obnoxious with penchant to poking fun at others and tends to introduce himself and others through extravagant means. He tends to be selfserving but an otherwise positive presence. Trivia: 1. His contract item is a handcrafted dog tag necklace with his current name Hyde carved on it made by Licht. 2. His given name Hyde seems to allude to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde especially because his Eve Licht Jekylland Todoroki has the name Jekyll in it. 3. His interests include watching live theater especially BYTE backyard theater ensemble and working side jobs. 4. His username on Servamphoto a parody of Instagram is lawlesschan. Source: MAL Servamp Wiki