Licht Jekylland Todoroki

リヒト・ジキルランド・轟, Angel-chan, Tenshi-chan
Birthday:Dec 24
Height: 175 cm Occupation: Pianist Licht Jekylland Todoroki also refered to as Licht Todoroki is a famous pianist from Austria who thinks hes an angel. He is the Eve of Lawless the Servamp of Greed. Although Licht is already 18 years old he often behaves like a naive child. He thinks himself of an angel and means it he seems to be far off reality and is often described as a denpa. Since he considers himself as an angel he is very violent towards vampires that he refers as demons in general having no hesitation to attack them. When it comes to it he even has a very short temper and usually attack first without thinking. Although he is still childish at heart there are times he can be sharp and aware particularly regarding Lawless. He believes that if people want something and working towards it they can be unique. Licht preserves with his aspiration and has the strong constitution to follow through with his goals. Trivia: 1. He is nicknamed Violence Angelchan Baiorensu Tenshichan by Kuro due to his tendency to use brute force while claiming himself to be an angel. 2. He named his Servamp Hyde which is a pun due to the fact that his first surname is Jekylland so taking this name and Hyde you get Jekylland Hyde which refers to the book Jekyll and Hyde. 3. He is sometimes referred to as being a denpa a Japanese term for someone who is disconnected from reality. This is due to his frequent claims of being an angel. Lawless has stated that his amusement at this fact is one of the reasons hes kept him around as his master for so long. 4. His username on Servamphoto a parody of Instagram is iamanangel. Source: MAL Servamp Wiki