Elder Tatsumi

断罪兄弟・兄, Dragon

A participant in the 12th Juuni Taisen burdened with the title of the ‘dragon’ from the Chinese Zodiac.

Real name: 積田 長幸 Tsumita Nagayuki
Birthday: November 11 (according to family registry)
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 58 kg

Fights as one with his younger twin brother. As more or less the older one, he acts as the commander. The twin brothers look so identical from head to toe that there is only one way to tell them apart: their first person pronouns. The elder brother addresses himself as "ore-sama". To compliment the younger brother's flamethrower [Hitokage], he carries the icethrower [Yuki-onna] on his back. The tank is filled with liquid nitrogen. Frankly, he thinks that [Hitokage] is the less convenient of the two.

Hitokage:人影 (silhouette), which is homophone of 火蜥蜴 (salamander).
Yuki-onna: 逝女 (deceased woman), which is a homophone of 雪女 (the yokai).