Younger Tatsumi

断罪兄弟・弟, Snake

A participant in the 12th Juuni Taisen burdened with the title of the ‘snake’ from the Chinese Zodiac.

Real name: 積田 剛保 Tsumita Takeyasu
Birthday: October 10 (according to family registry)
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 58 kg

A young warrior who fights as one with his elder twin brother. While it is exceedingly rare for powerful warriors to cooperate on the battlefield, the brothers known as [Dragon] and [Snake] fight together in a conventional two-man cell. It goes without saying that this gives them an advantage. At home, he keeps various species of reptiles as pets, and secretly manages a pet training program that is very popular among enthusiasts on his street.

Specifically in regards to the Chinese Zodiac, Dragon is 辰 (tatsu) and Snake is 巳 (mi). Hence they are the Tatsumi Brothers.