砂粒, Sharyu, Warrior of the Monkey, Misaki Yuki
Birthday:Jul 7
A participant in the 12th Juuni Taisen burdened with the title of the monkey from the Chinese Zodiac. Real name: Yuuki Misaki Birthday: July 7 Height: 150 cm Weight: 40 kg She was trained as a warrior on a certain sacred mountain by three sages named Mizaru Iwazaru and Kikazaru. Her ability to freely manipulate liquids solids and gases means that her combat prowess is off the charts. However she never uses the sage techniques she learned to hurt other people. Her hobby is making dango. Her homemade desserts are so delicious that she eats too many before realizing it. Mizaru Iwazaru Kikazaru: Water Monkey Stone Monkey Air Monkey which are homophones of the three wise monkeys see no evil speak no evil hear no evil.