異能肉, Inonoshishi,Warrior of the Boar

A participant in the 12th Juuni Taisen burdened with the title of the ‘boar’ from the Chinese Zodiac.

Real name: 伊能 淑子 Inou Toshiko
Birthday: April 4
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 60 kg

The daughter of a noble family with over 300 years of history. She dual-wields the machine guns [Aishuu] and [Inochigoi]. She is well-versed in handling heavy weaponry and can freely operate all types of large weapons, especially those two, which she regards as extensions of her own body. At the moment, even after wholesomely socializing with the male zodiac warriors, she is still looking for a boyfriend.

Aishuu: 愛終, composed of 愛 (affection) and 終 (end), but a homonym for "grief."
Inochigoi: 命恋, composed of 命 (life) and 恋 (love), but a homonym for "pleading for life."