蜘蛛子, 白, Shiro, Phantom Spider, Nightmare of the Labyrinth, Lady White
Kumoko is the nameless main protagonist of So Im a Spider So What? She is reincarnated in another world in the body of a Small Lesser Taratect the weakest monster in the largest most dangerous dungeon known to man: the Great Elroe Labyrinth. Her life in the labyrinth is fraught with danger forcing her to constantly fight and become stronger in order to survive. She fights eats levels up and evolves constantly over a two year period until she becomes an Arachne and meets Ariel. Although enemies at first they are forced into a ceasefire when both realize that neither one of them can kill the other. Afterwards Kumoko journeys with Ariel Sophia Merazophis and the Puppet Taratect sisters to the Demon Territory picking up Wrath along the way. She is given the name Shiro by Ariel. As an individual of the spidertype monster Small Lesser Taratect species she has a white body with black splotches on her cephalothorax and abdomen with eight red spider eyes. Additionally her two forefeet have sharp claws. When she evolves into the Zoa Ele she has a pitch black body and her two front claws turn into thin scythes. When she evolves into the unique monster Zana Horowa she becomes snow white while maintaining her scythe claws. Her final form is the Arachne evolution. Her main body is that of a young girl with bleachwhite skin white hair and red eyes from the bottom of the waist up. From the waste down the body is connected to a large spider by the head. The spider body is entirely white like the Zana Horowa. The original mouth and eyes are also maintained on the spider hinting that the entire form actually has two brains. She can keep functioning as long as one of the heads is intact. She also maintains her scythelike front claws and even uses one of those claws to make a scythe weapon for herself which she uses to channel Rot Attack. Kumoko is usually a cheerful happygolucky type. She prefers to do as little work as possible. She is shown to be overconfident at times and tends to get extremely frustrated and angry when she is manipulated or humiliated. While she does tend to be overconfident she is contrarily extremely cautious due to her experiences in battle. She often fights when odds are against her only fighting when she knows she at least has a chance of winning. If she knows that there is no hope of victory she does everything in her power to escape and survive. Survival is the core of her personality. Due to not being able to eat palatable foods while living in the depths of the Great Elroe Labyrinth she has become really fond of good foods and sweets she would do nearly anything to protect any that she comes across. Source: Kumo Desu Ga Nani Ka? Wiki