Mord Latro

モルド・ラトロー, Ruffian Dog
Race: Human Height: 178 cm 510 Affiliation: Ogma Familia Level: 2 Weapon: DoubleEdged Sword Mord Latro is a Level 2 adventurer who was initially an enemy to Bell Cranel. Mord Latro is a loud and tough adventurer. He is also shown to be illtempered holding a grudge against Bell for his rapid growth and fame. He is also shown to have a lustful nature claiming that Bell should share Ryuu Syr and Lili while at the Hostess of Fertility because they were friends. Despite Mords dislike for Bell at first due to his growth and fame he comes to respect Bell after his battle with him on the 18th floor as well as witnessing Bell finish off the Floor Boss Black Goliath. Through various encounters such as the El Dorado Resort incident he also becomes much friendlier to him even coming to his defense when an adventurer insulted him for helping monsters. He even bet 100000 valis on the Hestia Familia during the War Game showing his confidence in their abilities.