Yuu Tosaki

戸崎優, Tozaki, Tousaki
Yuu Tosaki is a highranked member of the Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare. Generally Tosaki has a commanding air about him and wears a serious expression. His answers are always short and to the point. He is also quite blunt and lacks patience. Hes quick to anger with certain triggers such as multiple instances in which he snaps at the mispronunciation of his name Tozaki as opposed to what he claims is correct Tosaki. From the very start Tosaki is shown to be morally ambiguous. It isnt above him to resort to violence through either his own force or those beneath him to get something done. If the consequences of his actions dont have a direct effect on him his reaction is mild at best. Tosaki relies heavily on Izumi Shimomura to protect him from the Ajin and their IBM with her own abilities threatening her with the prospect of being locked up and experimented on if he dies.