Kiyoharu Togawa

戸川清春, Vince, Gawa
Forced to spend all of his free time after school practicing the piano Togawa was something of an outcast to the rest of his junior high classmates. During the last PE class of the first semester Togawa agrees to race the 100M dash against the fastest boy in his class and nearly beats him earning an invitation to the school039s track team. Togawa soon dedicates his life to becoming the fastest sprinter in the nation but just as his goal seems in reach he is diagnosed with osteosarcoma and loses his right leg below the knee. Togawa spends much of his time after the amputation in isolation feeling his life is over until meeting Tora an older man with an identical disability. Tora a cool jetsetting tattoo artist serves as a mentor to Togawa and introduces him to the world of wheelchair basketball through his team the Tigers. Togawa is a fiercely competitive player and once left the team because he felt the other players weren039t as serious as he was. Missing the game Togawa returns to the Tigers yet provokes a team mutiny early in the series because of his often quotunrealistic expectations.quot Further conflicts arise when Togawa is offered a spot on the Japanese national team and is invited to join the Dream the Tigers039 archrivals. Togawa is rated a quot4.5quot on the wheelchair basketball point scale.