リコ, Rico
Occupation: Delver Relatives: Lyzahttps://anilist.co/character/122465/Lyza mother Torkahttps://anilist.co/character/161856/Torka father Riko is the only child of the legendary White Whistle Lyzahttps://anilist.co/character/122465/Lyza the Annihilator. When she was two her mother began her last dive to the bottom of the abyss. She was left under the care of the Belchero Orphanage. Her dream is to become a White Whistle a legendary type of Delver and explore the depths of the abyss to learn its many secrets and find her mother. Riko is a short girl with a plain face green eyes and long blonde hair styled in two ponytails always wearing glasses. Shes a goodnatured joyful and energetic child. She has a quick and inquisitive mind gathering and properly organizing all the information available on subjects that interest her. Growing up she diligently studied to become a Delver like her mother was enchanted by its mysteries and secrets. By the age of twelve she had become an Apprentice Delver with the right to explore the shallowest level of the abyss on her own. Compared to Reghttps://anilist.co/character/122444/Reg she is fragile and lacking in physical prowess. However her ability to keep a cool head under pressure to make rational decisions allows her to tackle the abyss. Source: Made in Abyss Wiki edited