A partYokai whom the Dragon Knights accidentally rescued from a witch. She can control wind magic and amplifies the powers of others who are near her. Her power amplification is one of the most sought after skills by both the Dragon Tribe and the Demon armies and she has found herself to be of surprising worth. Cesia uses the Wind Staff both as a weapon and an object of healing Although she has yet to unlock all of its secrets. She is one of the few who can get through to Rath and the person he feels the most comfortable around as they share many aspects in their pasts. Cesia promises Rath that she would be the one to save him as she cares deeply for Rath.In volume 25 she eventually saves Rath and in doing so Rath and Cesia share a Hello kiss as Rath calls it. Cesia is a psychologically strong character although she is also fighting her own inner demons which come not only in the more traditional forms of selfdoubt and fear but her Yokai side as well. She is very susceptible to curses. Source: Wikipedia