Bierrez or Viaresu is a youkai who is very loosely affiliated with Nadils army. A rebel demon Bierrez keeps his loyalties to himself and dislikes being told what to do often masterminding his own schemes rather than following orders. Due to an encounter with the Dragon Lords blood as a young youkai Bierrez used to be the only youkai able to enter the Dragon castle. While pretending to retrieve Cesia for Nadils army Bierrez actually attacked the Dragon Castle singlehandedly in order to rescue her though she didnt know it and refused to leave. He has a very close attachment to Cesia having known her for several years always watching out for her from behind the scenes and protecting her from other youkai who want her powers. While he appears to simply be trying to better his own place in life Bierrez actually puts a lot of effort into doing what he thinks is best for Cesia ultimately he asked Rath to kill him in order to protect her. At the time of his quotdeathquot in the fourth volume Bierrez possessed the Red Dragon Gem and was the Red Dragon Officer candidate. When Rath quotkilledquot him he absorbed the Red Dragon Gem. When revived by Cesia in volume 21 Bierrez agreed to become the Red Dragon Officer. He now refers to himself as a Dragon rather than as a yokai. Also Fedeltas younger brother. Source: Wikipedia