Fedelta is a Fire yokai and Shydemans loyal spy. He does anything Shydeman tells him to do without complaint. He likes to be alone and he keeps to the shadows most of the time and lacks confidence in what others do thinking that he must do a job himself to get the work done. Fedela only truly cares about Shydeman and is extremely jealous of anyone that likes him or who is liked by him. He greatly dislikes the amusement that Shydeman got from Gil and tends to mess with Saabel who also annoys him because of his high rank. Lim Kaana double irritated him for being another of Shydemans favorites and for also being female. Much of Fedeltas tactics are hit and run appearing at random to throw the metaphorical wrench into the spokes and severely set back his opponents. He is also Bierrezs Older Brother. Source: Wikipedia