Saabel's past is deeply connected with the Spirit Tribe. Somewhere along the line, Nadil captured and gave Saabel his powers, and Saabel lost his memory. Afterwards, he became a corpse-gathering demon under Nadil's army. He gathers corpses and uses them like puppets to do whatever he pleases. He protects Nadil's castle in a sea of souls stolen from those he kills. While Saabel is bored easily, he also has a happy attitude and a quick temper. He is able to create portals, a power that he hides from other Yokai but commonly uses to his own advantage. Saabel is amused by Rath and curious as to why a yokai would help the Dragon Tribe. He uses the gifts he received from Nadil: Garaba (Galaba), Meteaura (Meteora), and the Black Thunder Demon, to kill people to use as his puppets. Saabel has an aversion to the Spirit Tribe, and feels pain whenever a faerie is close due to a curse placed on him by Nadil. (Source:Wikipedia)