The Yellow Dragon Officer Ruwalk acts as the Dragon Lord whenever Lykouleon cannot. He is childish and mischievous but fights hard to protect the Dragon Tribe. Ruwalk has a tendency to give extra money to Kaistern for his frequent trips and help Lord Lykouleon slip out of the castle unnoticed. Always one to stand up for those trying to slide around the various castle formalities he tends to get in trouble with Alfeegi quite often. He is Lykouleons childhood friend and most of the time calls him by his given name without the title of quotLordquot: Ruwalk is Lykouleons closest confidant and one of the few who are close enough to him to give him blunt advice or help. Ruwalk was also the one who chose to keep quotIlluserquot quotEryusaquot in Japanese as Raths last name. Source: Wikipedia