Kei Hanada

花田慶, Fake Handa
Kei Hanada is a classmate of Seishuu Handa. Due to idolizing and overobessing Seishuu as a whole Hanada decided to become Seishuu as well. However the plan went out pretty badly when everyone in the Handa Force including Seishuu realizes how bad the poem and Seishuu even said that he didnt even wrote a poem not even once making Seishuu to get furious. And even though he fully copied the eyes and hairstyle of Seishuu his hideous mouth makes it all the difference thats why he puts a surgical mask to hide his mouth mistakenly identified him as the real Seishuu to some people due to his identical deadfish eyes and hair. But when everyone learned that he was a fraud the girls and some students calls him as a phony or in some cases fake Handa. When it comes to taking tests hes using Seishuus real name instead of his real name.