Kyoshiro Kokujo

A selfproclaimed quotevil geniusquot and another of Shobus rivals throughout the series. Other characters make fun of his outlandishly styled long hair and allblack leather outfit. He uses a Darkness Civilization Deck. He has earned the nickname quotBlack Deathquot because of his relentless tactics. He became evil because people say he can not be a kaijudo master. In Season 2 he helps Shobu to defeat the P.L.O.O.P.s. In Season 3 he defeated Mimi but lost to Yumama in the semifinals. His ultimate cards are Dorballom Lord of Demons Ballom Master of Death Daidalos General of Fury Olgate Nightmare Samurai Deathliger Lion of Chaos and most recently Demon Lord Ballom Emperor. by Wikipedia