Gender: Male Species: Human Occupation: Delver Class: Red Whistle Shiggy is an orphan from the Belchero Orphanage in the town at the edge of the Abyss Orth. Like all the children of the orphanage he has studied to become a Delver since a young age and attained the rank of Red Whistle Delver after his first descent. Shiggy has short ashy black hair and brightred eyes wears rounded glasses and bears a red whistle around his neck. He is often seen in his plain white sailor collar shirt and khaki green or black pants and track shoes. Shiggy has a great inquisitiveness especially when it comes to the maps of the Abyss. He gives Riko plenty of advice. When Riko tells her friends that she will delve into the Abyss to find Lyza Shiggy is skeptical and explains each layer via a depth chart. He decides to aid Reg and Riko anyways and the three meet up the next morning in the South District. Shiggy advises them to enter the Abyss through the entry point at the wharf slums which are not monitored as closely. Source: Made in Abyss Wiki edited