銀朱, Princess, Hime, Ayame, Gyouten
One of the four Holy Ones and the High Priestess of the Sakigami shrine. He was cursed by the demon Byakuroku to die and be reborn every day. Ginshu is actually asexual but is referred to as a Princess anyway. It is revealed that Ginshu is actually not the real High Priestess but a decoy to protect the real High Priestess Shinshu. He possesses quotpoison bloodquot to demons so when they try to eat him they die. Originally believed to have been cursed by the demon Byakuroku it was later revealed that his spirit was in fact placed within Byakuroku039s body as an attempt by Bonten to preserve them both after a battle that would have cost both their lives. Before he was cursed with his ageless and genderless body he was in fact male. Because of the shrine039s tradition he was dressed and referred to as though he were female.