He is the older brother of Makenshi and looks similar except for his red clothes and hair. Originally his younger brothers only friend Madoushi taught Makenshi everything he knew in the art of combat. Much to Madoushis dismay however Makenshi outdid him in swordsmanship. As a result Madoushi felt himself to be in his younger brothers shadow and wanted to see who was stronger even after he died when Chaos attacked their world to prove himself stronger. He initially appears as part of Oschas plot to stall the protagonists on the Ocean Puzzle however it was to feed Chaos with Makenshis horror of facing his own brother as Madoushi had intended to see once and for all who was the greater brother. But Makenshi was reluctantly forced to take his brother down for good. Makenshi still thinks about Madoushi wondering if his brother intended the fight to go that way. Source: Wikipedia