フォスフォフィライト, Phos,Three-and-a-Half

Hardness level 3.5.

Phos is the youngest among the Lustrous at 300 years old and they're rather clumsy and graceless. This, paired with their brittleness, made them unsuited for battle or any other role within the Lustrous small community, a condition that weighted heavy on Phos who's prime desire is to be useful.

Phos' initial job was to make a natural history encyclopedia but after finding a kindred spirit in Cinnabar they promised to find a job suited for them as well.

After being digested by the enlarged Ventricosus they gained the ability to comprehend the Admirabilis' language

They lost their legs in the Lunarian ambush and replaced them with a new pair crafted from Aculatus' shell. The new legs are made of Agate, hardness 7, and allow them to run at incredible speeds

Their arms were cut off by ice floes and were replaced with metal ones, made from a Gold-Platinum alloy flexible and resistant. Phos can change the shape of the alloy at will but the net of metal spread within their body has made them bigger and heavier thus they can no longer run like before