Birthday:May 13
When he first appeared Coby was a small timid bespectacled boy with pink hair. He was slightly chubby and somewhat shorter than Luffy. After training with Garp Coby became somewhat thinner and taller. He now stands nearly as tall as Luffy. He also gained a scar across his forehead above his right eye. He now wears a jacket with the standard Marine colors. Personality Coby is first introduced as a cowardly Chore Boy on board Alvidas ship. Through fear of being smashed by her Iron Mace whenever she asked him who was the loveliest on the sea he would reply You are Miss Alvida. Eventually with the help of Luffy he found the courage to pursue his dream of leaving her and becoming a Marine. The first time he appears to have changed is when he and Luffy arrive at the base Captain Morgan is at. Helmeppo holds a gun to his head but he pulls together his courage and tells Luffy not to worry about him. After their miniarc series Helmeppo and he become good friends. Coby values his friendship with Luffy a lot as shown when even after their brief fight he asks if theyre still friends. Abilities and Powers In his first appearance he lacked any fighting skills. According to Alvida the only reason why she kept him on was because he happened to be good at Navigation. He is seen during his miniarc training alongside Helemeppo and ViceAdmiral Monkey D. Garp. He has since become strong enough to use Rokushiki or at the very least Soru. He also has some knowledge of swordsmanship as he was seen practicing with Helmepppo as well as Garps attendant.