Rurichiyo Kasumiouji

霞大路瑠璃千代, Lurichiyo
Is the princess of the Kasumiouji noble family. Her family according to Yoruichi Shihouin is just below the four great noble families in status commenting that their circumstances are a bit quotspecialquot. She appears to be a small child and has an attitude typical of a princess expecting her demands to be met quickly and throwing tantrums when ignored. She also has a peculiar habit of referring to herself with the royal we. Her mother died giving birth to her while her father recently passed away due to illness. She takes up residence next door to Ichigo and begins attending his school with her two bodyguards Kenryuu and Enryuu. Kenryuu and Enryuu have refrained from telling her that she is being targeted for assassination by one of her clan leaders Kumoi Gyoukaku due to fear of her worrying. While traveling she is made to wear a veillike hat that suppresses her spiritual pressure even though it falls off quite frequently to prevent others from sensing her presence.