Hanazono No Utahime

Saki, Kahimi
Utahime is a forest elf known as the quotVoice of the Green Windquot due to her ability to summon life force and make plants grow through her song. She lives in a valley where she gathers plantlife from all over the globe along with an arboreal ancient. She seems feeble and delicate but is very powerful in battle. She has a bit of a crush on Mondo. In the Mon Colle Kids manga she is shown to be able to take on a human form in which she visits the other universe and attends to same school as Mondo and Rokuna. Here she befriends the boy Daisuke and gives him a pair of magical gloves. In the anime she is referred to with Utahimesan. In the Sabanproduced dub she is called Kahimi and in the Mon Colle Kids manga she uses the name Saki Hope Blossom in her human form.