Flay Allster

Birthday:Mar 15
Blood Type:A
Age:15 Birthday: March 15 Cosmic Era 56 Genetic Type: Natural Height:162cm Weight: 53kg She is the somewhatspoiled daughter of the Vice Foreign Affairs Minister George Allster to the Atlantic Federation. North South America and the UK She likes to pamper herself with expensive beauty cleansers. Her faults are she is easily angered and has a bad habit of saying what039s on her mind without thinking things through. Being from the Atlantic Federation she loathes Coordinators because they aren039t what nature intended them to be. After seeing her father039s ship blown up in front of her eyes she becomes mentally unstable and uses Kira through sexual manipulation to avenge her fathers death. Though she is engaged to Sai their parents arranged the engagement she breaks off the relationship to be with Kirawhom she takes advantage of his mental state and his feelings for her. Later her hatred towards Coordinators disappears and no longer has a need for vengeance when she experienced being with them at a Zaft ship.