Eiko Magami

摩神英子, A-ko
Ako seems to be near invulnerable with superhuman speed and strength is the heroine of the series and lives in Graviton City Japan. Ako is usually very friendly cheerful and polite and always tries to lead a normal life despite her unusual lineage. However she does have a fiery temper and is very dangerous when angered. She has a large appetite and a tendency to oversleep on school days. Her constant friend is Cko Kotobuki whom she has known since kindergarten. Although she truly loves Cko even she can be frustrated at her friends relentless immaturity. Akos powers are kept in check by the distinctive armbands that she always wears. Without them her strength is uncontrollable and she destroys nearly anything she touches and even things that she doesnt touch. Its hinted that her mom and dad are Clark Kent and Diana Prince Superman and Wonder Woman