セレセレ, Cele Cele, Sailor Ceres, Flora
CereCere called Cele Cele in the dub is the pink haired and most mature acting member of the Quartet. She is a trapeze artist for the Circus and can manipulate flowers she is known as the Flower Magician and is the leader of the Quartet. She is very feminine and tries to be mature compared to the others in the Quartet. Her Senshi counterpart is Sailor Venus and her colors are pink and yellow. Naoko Takeuchi has stated that CereCere is sexy and talks in a very aristocratic tone. She is also stated as being the eldest of the four sisters which corresponds to the size of the dwarf planet she is named after Ceres and the Roman goddess Ceres. Later in the manga it is revealed that she is actually Sailor Ceres one of the four protectors of Chibiusa. In the anime she tends to be arrogant and haughty and chases after people that will highlight her perceived beauty for her such as when she chased after an artist and asked him to repaint her. She also appears extravagant and outrageous while disguised and not in her circus uniform. However there are moments when she breaks the mature mask and plays for fun. The other Amazonesses see her as lazy and take every opportunity to call her such. She stated that she hates dried squid. She summons only plantbased lemures a possible nod to her Roman namesake Ceres a goddess of vegetation and plants.