パラパラ, Para Para, Sailor Pallas
PallaPalla called Para Para in the dub is the bluehaired childlike member of the Quartet. She uses ballbased attacks. She is called the Magician of Balancing Balls. Her Senshi counterpart is Sailor Mercury and her color is blue. She frequently speaks in the third person. Naoko Takeuchi listed her as being a bimbo crybaby and childish. She is the second eldest sister in the manga while in the anime she is the youngest. This corresponds to the size of the asteroid Pallas. She was also named after the Greek goddess Pallas Athena. In the manga its revealed that she is actually Sailor Pallas one of the four protectors of Chibiusa. In the anime she speaks in third person and is equally childish as she is in the manga. Despite being childish she has showed some signs that she is clever. The others think she is also very dangerous in one episode she ripped the head off her own doll as a cure for its toothache. She often summons balllike lemures. Sometimes she uses dolls as part of her attacks but this is not as prevalent as balls. She also likes to attack a group of people at a time rather than one at a time.