ジュンジュン, Jun Jun, Sailor Juno
JunJun name unchanged in the dub is the greenhaired tomboy of the Quartet. She is athletic and somewhat impulsive. JunJun is an acrobat in the Circus referred to as the Magician of Acrobatic Feats. Her Senshi counterpart is Sailor Jupiter and her color is green. Naoko Takeuchi listed her as vulgar a Yankee and uses very informal male speech. She is also said to have dark skin and is the third sister which corresponds to the number and size of her asteroid. She was supposed to ride a motorcycle. In the manga it is revealed that she is really Sailor Juno named for the asteroid Juno and the Roman goddess Juno. In the anime she often speaks with a hard edge. She tends to dress in biker outfits outside of her circus uniform even though she is never shown to ride a motorbike. She likes to let her targets attain their dreams before she takes their dream mirrors which may be an oddball reference to the mothering aspect of the goddess Juno. She always summons male lemures the only one of the Quartet to do so.