Sailor Iron Mouse

セーラー・アイアン・マウス, Chuuko Nezu
Sailor Iron Mouse is the first of the Sailor Animamates to appear. Her human pseudonym in the anime is Chuuko Nezu which is a pun. In Japanese Chuuko and Nezu are each perfectly acceptable names however quotchuuquot is the sound made by mice and nezu can also mean quotmouse.quot True to her name of mouse Iron Mouse is very short at least a foot shorter than her targets Takeuchis notes in the manga state that she is Chibiusas height but she is not quite that short in the anime. She is also afraid of cats. Iron Mouse has a very short life in the manga only a few pages long. She appears in Act 43 in the Fantastic Music Hall during the joint concert between the Three Lights and Michiru Kaioh. She attacks with quotGalactica Crunchquot and is killed by Sailor Star Healer. It is later revealed that Sailor Iron Mouse killed the Senshi of her home planet Sailor Chuu. In the anime Iron Mouses personality is both childlike and intense she usually chooses famous or impressive people as her victims seems to enjoy her work and is openly terrified of Galaxia. She can warp from place to place using a phone booth that she summons and she can also use it to block attacks. Sailor Iron Mouse is the antagonist for several episodes of the anime but in episode 181 is killed by Galaxia as punishment for her failure to collect starseeds even though she had discovered the identity of Sailor Star Fighter.