Sailor Lead Crow

セーラー・レッド・クロウ, Akane Karasuma
Sailor Lead Crow is the third of the Sailor Animamates to appear. Her human pseudonym in the anime is Akane Karasuma which is taken from the words for a certain shade of red pronounced the same as quotleadquot in Japanese and for quotcrowquot. The Tokyopop manga translated her name as Red Crow. In the manga Lead Crow first appears in Act 45 at Rei Hinos temple to confront her fellow Coronians Phobos and Deimos mdash who are actually the guardians of the Princess of Mars Rei Hino. Using Galactica Tornado she succeeds in stealing their starseeds before Sailor Moon destroys her with her Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss attack. After her defeat Galaxia appears and steals the Sailor Crystals of Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars. It is revealed that Sailor Lead Crow also killed the Sailor Senshi of her home planet Sailor Coronis. According to the Materials Collection besides using Galactica Tornado Lead Crow can also manipulate rot and is known for being a sadist. In the anime Lead Crow appears in Episode 182 as a partner of Aluminum Siren. She is said to be the leader of the Animamates and calls her partner her quotgreatest rivalquot however she harbors great concern for her fellow Animamate and when Aluminum Siren is killed tries to carry on the same work. Sirens death seems to haunt her and she thinks about her fallen comrade often. She dislikes Tin Nyanko but partners with her for a time which leads to her being killed by her own trap when Tin Nyanko sabotages it.