Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon

セーラー・ヘビーメタル・パ ピヨン
Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon is the fifth and last of the Sailor Animamates to appear. Her name incorporates the French word for butterfly pronounced as in French papiyon in Japanese culture butterflies are often considered to be symbolic of the soul. In the Materials Collection artbook the word quotHeavyquot is omitted from her name. She only shows up in Act 49 of the manga and not the anime. Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon comes from the planet Cocoon. If her history is consistent with those of the other Animamates this suggests that she killed Sailor Cocoon to gain Galaxias favor. The Materials Collection also states that Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon manipulates fire and attacks with quotGalactica Scalesquot although this attack is not named in the manga. Furthermore she is described as a parent as well as a samba dancer and has quothigh sex appeal.quot Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon is the de facto leader of the Animamates but appears only in act 49 of the manga and does not appear in the anime. Known as the quotsoul hunterquot she guards a graveyard in the center of the galaxy surrounded by butterflies. These butterflies are the remnants of the dead Sailor Senshi whose Sailor Crystals had been taken and she is to keep them from escaping. She shows Eternal Sailor Moon Sailor Kakyuu and Chibichibi the graves that have been dug for them binds them with vines and prepares to burn them to death. The three are saved by the arrival of Sailor Chibi Moon and the Sailor Quartet who break the vines with their group attack quotPink Ladies Freezing Kissquot. The Sailor Quartet later destroy Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon with their group attack quotAmazoness Jungle Arrowquot.