Takeru Yamato

Real Eyeshield 21
Position: Running Back/Defensive Back 40s dash: 4.2 Jersey Number: 22/21/20 1st Year Student 10th Grade Although merely a player for the best team in Kansai Yamato is in actuality the real and mysterious Eyeshield 21 from Notre Dame that once fought against Kyoshin Poseidons Shun Kakei who played for Phoenix. He is said to be the perfect runner and has great strength speed technique spin the ball on one finger and even perfect body balance. So far no player has been able to stop his run. In example of this is said by one of his teammates who says that 10 players from the Teikoku 2nd string combined are not even capable of stopping his run. The original person believed to be this man was Hayato Akaba from the Bando Spiders but Shun commented that his body type was slightly different from the one he played against. Near the climax of the game against the Hakush Dinosaurs Marco reveals that the team that this Eyeshield 21 plays for is Teikoku shocking both Sena and Shun. With Deimon in the Christmas Bowl the showdown between him and Sena is now a reality. When Sena Monta and Suzuna came to scout Teikokus football team he paired up with Sena against 4th string players to see what Sena was capable of. However his true goal is to meet someone who can match him to the point of being able to make him use his true style which has yet to be revealed. Source: Wikipedia