Kan TaeJun is the second son of the Fire Tribe General Kan SooJin. He is in love with Yona and has been determined to make her his wife so he could inherit the throne of the Kouka Kingdom. TaeJun is a happy cowardly and arrogant man who is obsessed with Yona. He is a pampered person that gets anything he wants and will grow resentful and childish if someone stops him for claiming it. At times he can also be sneaky and will go against even his fathers orders if he thinks itll be for the better. He has a high regard for himself and will boast his position to anyone especially to those who offended him while he demand them to give him an apology. Despite his high position in the Fire Tribe he has no idea of the real situation of the villages outside the capital and thinks that the people are merely slacking off. However After experiencing all the citizens hardships his eyes open to the bad state of his tribe and realizes that with how their current system there wont be any future for their tribe. Along with this he grows to respect Yona and promises her that he will protect the Fire Tribe for her sake.